Afasic Northern Ireland

Supporting parents with children who have difficulties talking and understanding language.

Transfer summer schemes

Afasic Northern Ireland summer transfer schemeThese five day Summer Schools aim to help young people with speech language and communication needs as they move from Primary to Secondary Education.

2015 Transfer Summer Schemes

  • Monday 10 August 2015 to Friday 14 August 2015 at the Antrim Forum (Antrim Town)
  • Monday 3 August – Friday 7 August Carrick Primary School Sloan Avenue Lurgan

Why do they need help and support?

Moving to Secondary Education is big change for any child, new school, new subjects, new friends, and new school structures etc. For our young people this may be a very difficult transition and Afasic aims to create a safe and positive environment where the children are with others with similar needs and supported by professionals with specialist knowledge of the impact of SLCN.

What’s covered in the programme?

Thanks to funding from The Big Lottery we have been able to continue to offer this service in Northern Ireland. The five day programme is usually run by a Speech and Language Therapist and a Classroom Assistant and during the week they cover a range of issues for example

Finding your way around, problem solving, asking for help, meeting new people, making new fiends, packing your school bag, colour coding subjects, homework and a lot more!

This sounds like “serious stuff” and it is but it is designed to be fun as well,for example finding your way around involves a treasure hunt in the venue which in the Southern area is a school.

Fun and friendship

The week always ends with a fun activity chosen by the young people. These summer schemes also promote friendships among those attending and in practice many of these friendships continue. All those who attend are invited to join the local Afasic Youth Group and most do thereby maintaining the support they receive from Afasic in Northern Ireland.

Parent and young people’s Evaluations have shown the value of the Transfer Summer Schemes here are some examples

Parent feedback

After the summer scheme A started to say I don’t understand what you mean or asked me to explain things he hadn’t picked up, for the first time. This has occurred 3 or 4 times since having never been noted before.  A enjoyed the cinema trip and meeting new peers.

B gave his phone number to a friend he hadn’t seen since P2 for them to keep in touch.

C really enjoyed his time with the scheme but would have loved it to have been longer.

 Children’s comments

I liked everything.

I learned bus timetables  (how to read/understand!)

I learned map reading and how to make friends in secondary school.