Afasic Northern Ireland

Supporting parents with children who have difficulties talking and understanding language.

Glossary sheets

Afasic’s popular individual sheets explain terms used to describe types of speech, language and communication impairments.  These sheets are useful to both parents and professionals.

They are FREE to download.

Alternative/augmentative communication30.8 KiB399
Aphasia/dysphasia33.3 KiB601
Articulation30.0 KiB341
Asperger's syndrome30.6 KiB527
Auditory sequential memory30.7 KiB366
Autism31.8 KiB379
Autistic spectrum30.6 KiB351
Bilingualism33.4 KiB408
Comprehension or receptive language difficulties35.5 KiB415
Developmental language delay/disorder30.6 KiB423
Down's syndrome35.8 KiB386
Dysarthria35.8 KiB366
Dyslexia/specific learning difficulties29.0 KiB371
Dyspraxia33.5 KiB408
Epilepsy and speech and language36.4 KiB409
Expressive language difficulties28.6 KiB350
Fragile X syndrome31.9 KiB431
Higher level language disorder34.3 KiB392
Landau Kleffner syndrome36.5 KiB390
Learning difficulties31.2 KiB390
Pervasive developmental disorders38.1 KiB278
Phonological problems35.3 KiB417
Selective mutism31.3 KiB516
Semantic and pragmatic disorders32.3 KiB453
Specific language impairment32.0 KiB371
Specific memory disorders: long term memory32.3 KiB288
Specific memory disorders: short term memory33.1 KiB317
Stammering30.7 KiB383