Afasic Northern Ireland

Supporting parents with children who have difficulties talking and understanding language.

What is SLCN?

SLCN is often used as an umbrella term and it stands for Speech, Language and Communication Needs. It may be hard to spot when a child or young person has SLCN.
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Supporting parents

We support parents who are dealing with their child's problems with talking and understanding. We offer a range of help and advice for worried parents.
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Young people

We help young people to develop their communication and social and life skills at our youth clubs and activity days. We help to build their confidence and independence.
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Afasic UK Helpline

Incredibly helpful and informative. Gave lots of advice and supplied information and legal ‘stuff’ to back up my argument.

Confidence building

My son feels he has learned what to do and not to do to make his transition easier. Thank you.
Mother of Bailey