Afasic Northern Ireland

Supporting parents with children who have difficulties talking and understanding language.

Afasic Northern Ireland funding announcement – September 2015

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that it has not been possible to secure any additional funding for our three youth groups.

Simply put, the youth groups were funded as a 3-year project from the outset. Mary Wright, the NI Director, did apply for other funding but unfortunately was not successful. This naturally is a deeply regrettable position for not just the group but also our staff who have worked so hard, and so effectively, during this project’s 3 ½ years (we applied for a further 12 months’ funding and were able to extend it by only 6 months with the Big Lottery’s agreement).

We are sorry that Afasic Northern Ireland’s project is now having to stop but we remain optimistic that the strong foundation laid within the youth groups will continue in some way, and equally hopeful that funding may be secured in future to restart Afasic projects in Northern Ireland.

In addition, please bear in mind that we are not “closing” Afasic Northern Ireland – we will not have a project-based presence from October but as a UK-wide charity, parents can use our national helpline for any queries you may have about your child.

You can also visit our Parents section to find useful downloads and connect to our UK services.